Rizza Estacio for Senate


My name is Rizza Estacio, I’m a second year that has spent my first two years working in

community and campus organizing, specifically pertaining to tuition hikes, discriminatory

financial aid policy (such as CNP) and increased visibility of students of color on this campus.

As my primary experience lies in grassroots I am entering this Senate race with the goal of

transforming the role of the ASUC by modifying its current position as an institution that

oversees student affairs to a space of organizing tasked with mediating inequities on this

campus and serving the most underserved communities that our University administration has

historically underserved.


My platforms are:

● Modifying the PartySafe presentations, swinging the consent/partying presentations

mandatory for incoming students to be more focused on harm reduction and safe

consent practices, rather than victim shaming


● Disintegration of the housing policy stipulating if a student’s housing fees have not been

paid, due to any circumstance (including personal financial issues, or external financial

aid difficulties) their access to University facilities and dining halls is halted


● Calling for the modification of the titles of numerous campus lecture halls that are

dedicated to slave owners and colonizers


One of the main goals of this senate office is decolonizing higher education, and ensuring that

this University fosters safety and community building for marginalized students. The work that

drives this office is surrounding issues that disproportionately affect first generation, low income,

students of color.


PLATFORM ONE: Revising University Sponsored Consent Education Presentations

As a survivor and consent educator in the Berkeley Student Cooperative** I have an intimate

understanding of how consent can be used to combat oppressive forces in our communities.

Fostering open, honest communication amongst students fosters a safe learning and living

environment, and this can be achieved through discussing ways consent can be integrated into

our sexual and non-sexual interactions. Presentations like PartySafe can be expanded to

include more conversations about power and privilege and how they intersect in conversations

about consent.


PLATFORM TWO: Fighting Discriminatory Financial Aid Policies

Many of our administrative financial aid policies are highly discriminatory and disproportionately

impact the survival of low income, first generation, students of color. Namely the Cancellation of

Non-Payment policy and the impending tuition hikes will deeply affect the enrollment of students

who are already marginalized on this campus, and though we are well aware of the policies that

barre students from enrolling in the university there are various policies that impede the

retention of these students. One of the most problematic is the policy that prevents students

who have not paid their student housing fees, whether it is due to a personal, financial inability

to pay, or a problem regarding financial aid dispersal, from accessing their meal points until the

fees have been paid. This means that the university purposefully forces low income students

into food insecurity so they are incentivized to pay their dorm fees, which is both discriminatory

and inhumane. Administration must be pushed to discard this ridiculous policy.


PLATFORM THREE: Decolonizing Our Campus

Currently, numerous lecture halls are the namesakes of colonizers and slave owners, and these

are the very lecture halls that house the Departments of Anthropology and Ethnic Studies.

If we wish to decolonize our higher education, we must fight against the erasure of POC

narratives, which is not limited to, but includes combating the emboldening of historical figures

that perpetrated mass genocide of black and brown bodies. The names and figures that will

replace Barrows and LeConte will be approved by student of color organizations, and will be

chosen from names of leaders from grassroots POC organizations/movements, such as the

Black Panthers, Civil Rights Movement, and the Third World Liberation Front.



  • Legislative Director, ASUC Office of Rigel Robinson**
  • Fund the UC Campaign Manager, ASUC Office of the Executive Affairs Vice President**
  • Intern, External Affairs Component Pilipinx American Alliance**
  • Performer, Pilipinx Cultural Night 2017**
  • Member, Consent Education Working Group of Berkeley Student Cooperative**
  • Medic Trainee, Berkeley Free Clinic
  • Former Health Worker, Berkeley Student Cooperative**
  • Former Performer, Vagina Monologues**
  • Former Campus Mobilizer, CalSERVE**
  • Former Intern, ASUC Office of Sina Rashidi**



  • Jackie Cebalos, Executive Director at PASS: Pilipinx Academic Student Services*
  • Sahar Priano, Chair of the Berkeley Student Cooperative Consent Working Group*
  • Berkeley Student Cooperative
  • Danielle Miguel, Pilipinx American Alliance External Chair
  • Benyamin Bin Mohd Yusof, Former Asian and Asian Pacific Islander Community Endorsed ASUC Senator*
  • Juli Adhikari, Vice Chair of Berkeley City’s Commission on the Status of Womxn*