Harshil Bansal for Senate

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1. Accessibility to off-campus student housing

Every student at UC Berkeley has a point in their time at Cal when they have to look for off-campus housing. Harshil wants to ease that process. Harshil is endorsed by current government officials including Igor Tregub & James Chang, Commissioners of the Rent Stabilization Board* and he has himself served as a Commissioner* of the ASUC Student Housing Commission. As senator, Harshil will:

a. Work with the City Council* & the Berkeley Housing Advisory Commission* to set up a comprehensive database for all available off-campus housing units, in an attempt to eliminate the logistical hurdle of finding housing.

b. Fight for the passage of legislation with housing advocates from the Rent Stabilization Board* to cap the amount of security deposits charged by landlords to 1 month’s rent.

2. Affordability of move-out and storage costs

UC Berkeley is not doing enough to support the current population of students on campus. Every summer, we have to find storage spaces to keep our belongings, something that entails high costs. At the end of each semester, a lot of students are left without a place to stay, if they can only leave a day after dorms close. Harshil wants to do something about this. Having organized for college affordability on a larger level, working with the Fund the UC Campaign as an intern of former ASUC External Affairs Vice President*, Harshil has the requisite experience to help improve the financial situation of students across campus. As an international student, Harshil has faced these problems himself and if elected, Harshil will:

a. Set up a fund within the ASUC that caters to the financial needs of students who need to seek the subsidization of move-in/move-out costs and storage spaces.

b. Work with the next External Affairs Vice President* to long-term strategize and organize against any foreseeable tuition increases, especially those targeting non-resident students.

3. Accountability of the ASUC Financial Process

Every semester, students pay 27.50 dollars to the ASUC – a significant amount of money that goes into representing inter alia, their interests, the interests of their clubs and their communities. This accumulates to a $2 million yearly budget, which the ASUC strives to allocate in an equitable fashion. As Finance Director of the Indian Students’ Association*, Harshil has experienced the uncertainty that comes with being a part of this process. Harshil believes that we can do better. He has also been endorsed two sitting senators (Senator Robinson, Senator Kwak) and one former senator of the ASUC (Senator Chugh).

If elected, he will:

a. Support new clubs by setting up an incubator fund to help cover the initial expenses that come with starting a club on campus.

b. Incentivize transparency in allocation of ASUC Senate Contingency Funds, by mandating clubs to bring a portfolio of the work they have done in the past academic year, helping create a more objective and equitable process of money allocation.

*Titles for Identification Purposes Only.


Rigel Robinson – ASUC Senator*
Rosa Kwak – ASUC Senator*
Haruko Ayabe – Former President, Phi Beta Lambda*
Rhea Misra – President, Cal Berkeley Democrats*
Kanak Kapoor & Zareen Hassan – Co-Presidents, Indian Students Association*
Tamanna Khemani – Vice President, Indian Students Association*
Vidhi Patel – Events Director*, Indian Students Association*
Juli Adhikari – Vice Chair, Commission on the Status of Women, City of Berkeley*’
Vishesh Mehta – Social Chair, Jain Students Association*
Apoorva Arya – Chief Financial Officer, Hindu Students Council* & Secretary, FEMTech Berkeley*
Igor Tregub – Commissioner, Berkeley Rent Board* & Chair, Berkeley Housing Advisory
Commission* & Chair, Berkeley Zoning Adjustments Board* & Former President, East Bay Young Democrats*
Pancham Yadav – President, Autofocus*
Neeraj Aggarwal – Issues Director, Undergraduate Political Science Association* & Associate
Membership Director, Phi Alpha Delta*
Hank Klein – Social Chair, Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity*
Erika Casey – Panhellenic Affairs Vice President, Gamma Phi Beta Sorority*
Shefali Panse – President, Indian Graduate Students at Berkeley*
Ammar Inayatali – Board Member, Canadian Students Association*
Matthew Lewis – Chair, ASUC Student Housing Commission*, Vice President of Finance, Progressive Students Association*
James Chang – Commissioner, City of Berkeley Rent Stabilization Board*
Aanchal Chugh – Former ASUC Senator, Aanchal Chugh

*Titles for Identification Purposes Only



Political Director, Cal Berkeley Democrats*
Former Board Member, UC Berkeley Students for Bernie Sanders*
Member, UC Berkeley Model United Nations*
Finance Director, Indian Students Association*
Former Commissioner, ASUC Student Housing Commission*
Statewide Issues and Advocacy Director, ASUC Office of President William Morrow*
Campus Organizing Intern, ASUC Office of the External Affairs Vice President*, Marium Navid
Intern, Office of Former City Councilmember*, Jesse Arreguin
Volunteer, Democratic National Convention*
Former Member, UC Berkeley Vote Coalition*
Political Engagement Director, Office of ASUC Senator Rigel Robinson*
Community Organizing Director, Office of ASUC Senator Chris Yamas
Residence Halls Director, Office of former ASUC Senator Aanchal Chugh*
Delegate, Student Lobby Conference* 2016
Summer Legal Associate, Law Offices of Eric A. Shore*

*Titles for Identification Purposes Only.